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As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around the coronavirus known as COVID-19, our first thought is for the safety and well-being of all individuals and businesses impacted by these difficult circumstances.


That is why GDSI's trained abatement team is on the ground and ready to assist you with disinfection and disposal. ​

 Business Types Served

  • Airports

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Retail stores

  • Schools

  • Health care facilities

  • Offices

  • Construction and job sites

  • Buses, trains and delivery vehicles

  • Financial institutions

  • Warehouses

Best Preventative Treatment

GDSI uses CDC-approved, hospital-grade disinfectants against COVID-19 in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Essential Vendor

GDSI provides services necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of businesses. Per state and local government guidelines, GDSI is deemed an essential vendor and exempt from shelter-in-place orders. To read the full Oregon Business Community Statement, click below.

Disinfecting Services Provided

Our trained team is prepared to serve sites and buildings of all sizes. Service includes, but is not limited to, cleaning and disinfecting all touch points including:

  • Entry and exit points

  • Gathering locations

  • Cabinets and counters

  • Walls and hard floor surfaces

  • Doors and hardware

  • Bathrooms including sinks, fixtures & other touch points

  • Surfaces such as tables, desks and chairs (non-fabric*)


Various applications of service offered. Once complete, all cleaning materials are disposed of in a safe and effective manner.

* Cleaning does not include carpeting, fabric cubicles, or upholstered surfaces (textiles). GDSI can safely dispose of these items. Additional disposal services are available upon request.

Disclaimer: Treatment may cause streaks or marks on some surfaces.

What is GDSI doing to help?

Governor Brown and Oregon’s legislative leaders are initiating bold actions to reduce the spread of coronavirus across the state.


Our first priority must be to protect the health of all citizens and businesses. We are committed to following the protocols set out by our state’s leaders. Unless addressed swiftly, this economic impact could have long-term devastating effects.


As part of state and local COVID-19 response plans, GDSI provides an essential service to help mitigate harm to local employees and employers through COVID-19 disinfecting and abatement services.


What exactly is coronavirus? 

COVID-19 is a newly identified viral disease in the coronavirus family, but it can be more severe and spreads easily. Diagnosis is difficult because it shares several symptoms with influenza

How is COVID-19 transmitted? 

COVID-19 is thought to spread similarly to influenza. That is, it spreads person to person through respiratory droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze. These droplets can land on surfaces within about 6 feet and can spread to other people after they contact these infected surfaces with their hands and subsequently touch their face.

Can I catch COVID-19 from contact with an object rather than a person? 

Yes, you can catch COVID-19 from an object if the surface of that object has live virus on it. How long the virus can live outside an organism is unknown. Expert estimates range from a few hours to up to nine days, depending on the type of surface, surrounding temperature and environment. 

Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network

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